Kossuth 1 Pékség és Kávézó
Is this really a place without match? Without compare? A place like no other? Unique? Individual? Groundbreaking? Earthshaking? You've probably guessed at my answer by now, or have given up entirely and scrolled on. But for those still curious enough, and if I can structure my answer according to the preceding grammar… Just get on with it, would ya ffs! Alright. My goodness. Well, this place doesn't stand out on the global scale of things but in this quiet suburb of Budapest, it is actually somewhat unique. It isn't like the chain coffee shop further down in the valley, nor does it have that shopping centre vibe of that place further along the trail. It isn't like the confectionery shops dotted about the place either. So what is it then? It's bigger than the smalle [more]
Zöld Kancsó
Just dropped in for a cuppa between jobs. Had intended to take the Metro 2 downtown but having passed this place recently, and hoping to resurrect my exploratory verve, I chose to go to the end of the line, Örs Vezér tere. A front area that opens to the street on hotter days, I'm currently being baked alive by the heat, such is my desire for people watching. There is a back area with booths, cozy, no doubt, for those sessions with friends. Today, and alone, I'm merely absorbing the early afternoon sunshine and chilled out vibe. A radio plays hits from a time, and people come and go. In front of me there lies a menu. Full of burgers, a veggie option to boot, a few quesadilla options, and sides such as onion rings and chicken wings. Oh, and the mandatory melegszendvics in [more]
Zöld Kancsó
Just dropped in for a cuppa between jobs. Had intended to take the Metro 2 downtown but having pas [more]
Most, But not the most
A habit building is the habit to check the menu before ordering anything. With a 10% service charge [more]
Halkakas Quick eat to café atmosphere The place offers promise from without, a café style interi [more]
Just recently I read an article about a little town in New Zealand which has become a Mecca for all [more]
The night before my birthday, my fortieth, and I hit Tina Turner's...it used to be called Anya's but [more]
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