The last time I saw Roy
It might've been the last time I saw him That trip up north along the coast, At least at points inevitably so. And in all its vagueness surely, It's still further shrouded by that doubt, That almost disbelief: Surely there was at least one time other. But if there was, the memory's withholding Insistent upon the poetry of this - The final memory, The beauty and the beast. I never cried on hearing he had passed But stopped to think a thousand thoughts A thousand reasons Why our paths They should have crossed. But we didn't know each other And though I bow to some intended whisper The wind is only pandering to My own instilled importance. We had become nothing to each other, Just echoes [more]
the opportunities to move beyond the dream strangled again [more]
the opportunities to move beyond the dream strangled again [more]
The meal for two Once lasted for days Disappearing quite suddenly In a drunken haze [more]
Right now I can't remember- And I'm trying not to care. [more]
Last night Or this morning a’round dawn A thought Wandered in on its own Twas an idea Of who you [more]
The flower stall blooming, and business is booming [more]
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