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Material for teaching Englsih as a foreign language in Budapest and beyond

The Italian Retail Story


Why does the author use present simple and continuous alternately in this first paragraph?

Why does he use the word  „continue” in its simple form?

Why is „growing” in the last sentence continuous?

Vocab1: remarkably  flagship stores   notably    nerstone      stock piling


Retailer demand:

Explain the choice of Present Perfect Simple in the first paragraph.

Vocab2: to let    lack   empirical   counterfeits



What is the grammar structure in the first sentence?

Vocab3: u-turn    tight     discrepancies

Rental movements:

„As observed in Spain” By whom? What?

Vocab4:   tourist flows    heterogeneity (My Site)     broad     uplift


Investment market:

Tactical Asset Allocation Strategy? Huh?

Vocab5: lease      oriented      dampen     pace     yields      conversely     regime     allocate


Outlook Summary:

Rewrite in your own words, and in no more than 50(!) what is being said here.

Vocab: virtuous     enhance      spurred     in the wake of       hike       dissipation       stagnation       stance       pivotal       curbing


PDF file available on request!!!

Advertising and gender roles

My Site

In what way does this advertisement reverse the perceived male/female stereotypes?

Explore the themes of adoration and degradation in terms of this ad?

What is the difference between a sex symbol and a status symbol?

On the idea of brains or beauty which would you prefer to have? Or have in your partner?

Does confidence outweigh intelligence in business, in everything for that matter?


  1. What do they always do?
  2. Why does he feel used?
  3. Does he always want to do what they want?
  4. What would he like to do sometimes?
  5. „Women are pigs.” Discuss.

Put these expressions in sentences: to take advantage/to feel used/ to be seen as/cosy

My Site

  1. Before watching the video make a list of the stereotypes/ characteristics most often associated with women and men.
  2. Watch/ listen to the video and try to list as many of the personality traits/ stereotypes as possible that you hear.
  3. Compare your first list and that of the video. Did they differ greatly, or not? Why? Why not?
  4. Below are a list of some of the words used in the video. Which would you usually associate with which sex?

Promiscuous   Determined   Feminine   Permissive   Dominant   Hot-headed   Sensitivity   Timid   Hegemony   Nurturer

Apathy   chaste   forsaker   intolerant   hesitant   subservience   easy-going   brave   masculine  minor






BP spills coffee

BP spills coffee

According to the _______, this is the best ______ of action

Yeah… yeah… Great

Don’t worry about it. It’s a small _____ in a very large table

Sir I think we’re _________ just how much coffee was spilt

Yeah that’s a lot of coffee

Well we’d better hurry up cos it’s almost reached my __________

Calm down, calm down

It’s also going to _______ all the ______

Oh boy, okay…boom, look at that!

My God, it’s __________ on my map of Louisiana

Ok, ok…oh no, fish, laptop, map…

Wait wait I’ve got a brilliant idea

Ok Jones you’ve got to hurry up. I think the ________ is getting _________

All set… Damn. Didn’t work

Oh my God. We are really_______ now

Look. Garbage will follow into the coffee cups stopping further _________

Now there’s just coffee and garbage

Wait. I’ve got an idea…Damn I really thought that would work

Well maybe it doesn’t work right away. Let’s _______ it for three hours and then ________ it

We just wasted three hours

That’s everything I’ve got


The gentlemen from Haliburton are here

Send ‘em in

Gentlemen we’ve…Oh my God!

You guys are______ responsible for this. You provided these Styrofoam cups knowing they were UNSTABLE

Oh no no no…don’t put this on us. You know what! Haliburton doesn’t have to listen to this. We are outta here

Oh ah oh ah etc

Everybody calm down!!! I’ve got __________on the phone. He’ll know what to do for sure.

How big is the spill?

___________ Mr. Costner

Do you have a __________

I have a __________

Good now __________ it at the spill

What happened?


You guys are fucked!

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