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Skype Lessons

Skype lessons are an essential part of the service I provide as they allow for the busy student to keep in contact with the target language within the comfort of his own home, or office, at a time that is suitable, and without the need to be presentable!

What does a Skype lesson consist of?

Well a Skype lesson is usually 30-45 mins due to the demand on students but some students do opt for the full hour.

Students are given the option of a video or audio call depending on what key area of their language skills they wish to develop, e.g. phone English.

Students will be expected to maintain a conversation during the allotted time and where requested Skype conversations can also be recorded by both parties for further individual review. The text messaging box can also be used during the lesson as a means to clarifying spoken errors, spelling, or as a means to providing quick links to relevant webpages etc. Skype keeps a record of all these messages so again they can be used as a good reference for later study.


Firstly, why is feedback essential?

Well, basically because it gives me the service provider the chance to see what does and does not work for particular students and to improve upon my standards all the time. No business, or business model, is successful if it fails to cater for its customers, and whereas a relatively new concept may gain initial popularity only time will tell the real story. As the Budapest English Teacher I not only offer a language learning service but also a fully adaptable model of business for a wide range of students with a wide range of tastes. And because people’s tastes are changing all the time so too, I believe, must any successful business! So please, as much as possible help me to develop further and always for the better.


For you, the student.

  1. Did you like the class, course, excursion? Why/ why not?
  2. What would you change about it, if anything?
  3. Would you take part in another course in the future? Why/why not
  4. Would you be interested in taking part in another course, or activity, provided by the BET? Why/why not?
  5. Would you recommend the BET to a friend? Why/why not?
  6. Was the price to service ratio acceptable? Why/ why not?
  7. How did you find out about the BET?




Rocky shore
Come with me


As part of the service provided by the Budapest English Teacher half-day/day trips will be organised for the more active, and willing, students.

These will take many forms but will include hiking, cycling, sight-seeing, and all within the framework of an English language experience.

Each location will be discussed beforehand and the activities will be formulated based upon the provision of the area, eg in Pilis hiking will be optimum whereas in Kopaszi Gát anything from canoeing to frisbee could be “on the cards”.

On the cards

An example then of a typical day would include:

8.30 am Meeting at a centrally located fixed point.

9am Departing either by bus, train, tram, bicycle, on foot or whatever…even the river is not to be ruled out, especially now that BKV have provided the river boat service.

10am* Arrival at destination of our choice. * This will vary depending on destination.

10.30am As a group we will take part in activities and during this time only English will be allowed. Advanced students who would like to act as group “invigilator” will get a price discount!!!

12.30pm Lunchtime

1-1.30pm This will either be the end of the end of the excursion and the returning time (half-day trip) or the start of the afternoon activities.

4pm This will be the end of activities and time to return home.


All students will be provided with a feedback sheet or if they wish they can go online at:

All feedback is welcome and will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.


Intensive course advertisement

Finally, this is, what lots of you were asking for – Intensive 2 day English course with Native Teacher

This a chance for you to:

• Learn to communicate at the most effective level.

• Learn to think (and dream) in English.

• Never be afraid to use all the English that you know. The biggest mistake you can make is to not speak.

• Be more comfortable in groups of English speakers, either native or non-native.

• Be able to understand the English language in a variety of contexts.

• Be able to understand English in different media, for example newspaper, radio, TV, internet etc.

• Never be afraid of your pronunciation again!

Remember that the best to way improve is to constantly use your English so get a head start here with my intensive courses.

Grammar will feature on the course but will not dominate. Speaking communication is a priority!

Homework activities will focus on class work and will be a requirement (where applicable).

The four skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking will be dealt with capably on these courses.

You will be required to use English at all times as this helps to create a truly intensive English experience.

You will have a 4 hour morning intensive class each day which will include aspects of grammar, vocabulary building, listening and speaking.

There will also be a 2 hour afternoon session which will be a more activity based lesson with students being able to avail of roleplay, debates, etc, all centred on the communicative method.

There will be a 1 hour lunch break between the morning and the afternoon sessions.

These courses will take place in a City Centre location in Budapest* (and other cities where applicable).

All course locations will be within walking distance of main public transport locations.

As I already give very competitive prices on individual courses I would like to extend this philosophy into my group intensive.


The breakdown is as follows:

Per hour intensive (morning) – 2000 HUF

Per hour intensive (afternoon) – 1500 HUF

Early bookings get a 10% discount.

Group intensives in my experience helps students to see exactly where they stand in terms of their general capability in a target language. Being in an environment in an intensive language structure always pushes a student that little bit further in order to keep up with the pace of the class.

Whereas group classes are level based as a teacher it is my job to make sure that each student, regardless of learning speed, will get the full benefit from these courses.

Group size: 8 – 12 students maximum!!!

*As this particular course (18-19 August) is in Budapest it is going to be much cheaper!

What’s on offer

Daily offes
To your taste


1. General English courses for all levels from Beginner to Proficiency

2. Specifically tailored courses catering to the needs of individuals (can be theme based rather than level based).*

3. Grammar review (including a twitter option where instant queries are addressed).

4. Business English (including a skype option for teleconference practice/phone practice)

5. Skype English which caters more to the needs of conversation based classes but which can be linked to grammar, vocabulary style courses through an online correspondence outside the skype time (includes emailing exercises, homework for correction, extra material  based on class topics etc.)

6. *Creative English courses. As with point No. 2 these courses are tailored to specific needs and not only cater to English in an exam, business, work related environment, but also include the idea of English as a hobby. Eg. English for songwriters, poetry analysis, creative writing, penpal e-mails, hiking, sports, socialising etc…The hobby aspect is also covered in Excursions.





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