That death may liberate me

into the brief eternity.

When spiritually inclined,

I’ll fade

And, fundamentally, then

I’m dead:

And all my life before will cease,

and nothing more will exist to me.

At least this, and nothing more.

Nothing else it is I’m looking for.

The rotten truth

the freedom set,

my bones to ashes

will be met,

and cycle, circles,

nowt profound…

Just life itself

in the round and round.

Earth to self and sun

and stars.

What suffering now

Will, no one cares:

But, alas this lesson

yet to learn

for those who hope

in others yearn.

A life once got

ever anon.

A moment spent

too soon is gone.


But maybe memory is all.

In cellular derived

and growth

so up again from

ashes drawn.

Up again to

life once more!



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