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Mosonmagyaróvár is a relatively small town but its urban sprawl means that right at the peripheries there’s something to find, at least for the interested traveller. Heading out of town on the way back to the train station, following as best I could the No.1 bus route, there were supermarkets, local bars, and at one point a square with permanent stalls set up. Not surprisingly thereabouts a few more bars had mushroomed. Now if bars, or supermarkets, or abandoned market places aren’t your thing then doubling back to the town centre is advisable. With a tributary of the Danube running along the outskirts of the pedestrianised centre and a few church steeples jutting above the picturesque buildings the whole place offers a scenic first impression. But like most towns of its size, it quite quickly runs out of being. The thermal baths are also worth a visit as they are in any featured town in Hungary and the local coffee houses, and restaurants, are worth exploring, the rustic feel prominent. After that it’s time to hop on a bicycle, this being quite a cycle friendly place, and head out towards the Szigetköz, an area boasting a plethora of islets mingling, splitting the Danube up into rivulets and streams. It’s a web worthy of exploration.

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