Someday I’ll say it, what I feel,

If only to an empty glass,

or beneath an old yew tree.

And when I do I will not take delight

Unless of course I do it while it’s real.

Someday the smile will arise and disappear

And I will face depression without hope.

It’s then I’ll write my fury into a grave

And drink away the pain with which I cannot cope.

I’ll hang the stars out to accompany my moon,

And howling lunatically, I’ll recall all my doubts.

Someday I’ll shatter sanity upon the floor

Amidst the beer spills and the stains of shit,

Or leave it flitter up in coils of smoke

Away from mé eternally with my own breath.

It’s then I’ll bravely shout out “No Surrender”

While not perceiving the derision held below.

Someday I’ll read the words I’ve written here

And either laugh and love-

or rue the day!

But that someday is not today…




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