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To flounder in the muggy mind of breathlessness and beer
The spring arrives to summer and yet lethargic I am charged
The older woman found wanting upon the step inclined
A hand up a chance received renewed am I inside.
What kindness then that with intention for its own reward
The Quickening delighted note though as of yet not marred.


© TheHairyTeacher2017

Yet no divinity

Yet no divinity
Just a relapse into hope;
The delusion fortified
Lies now dying in its own decay –

Spreading the seeds of fallacy
Renting the truth from tip to root
The captured eloquence – sermonial – has left words, lies,
Withered on black tongues.


© TheHairyTeacher2017

The tidy scribble

The tidy scribble of a child’s imagination
They render order that could never do.
They despoil nothing even in destruction
For it is drawn just of the sheer act itself.
They do not sit in rooms of highest consultation
And play with pawns as do the ones in suits.
Neither do they play with lives or keep them superficial.
What they do deliver – rank-
They’ve learnt from me and you.


© TheHairyTeacher2017

Flight – low and sure

Flight – low and sure
The heeled torment
My weakness only shorn about me
Like the regal beacon.
Relishing the flaws, the
Chance to render potent,
I’ve always found the worship in the temples of perfection.
My frailties regale me,
They are both my vanity and insecurity
But they can sometimes sprout endearing in the mind of all things beautiful.
Sometimes I’ll be misinterpreted
As stronger than I am –
A thought discouraged though I fear it’s opposite worse, more.
The day alleviates the nighttime’s sleeplessness
But offers up temptations to my soul.


© TheHairyTeacher2017

Write with pen again

I’ll write with pen again
Not the all thumbs tippity-tap
Not the save and delete
Just the notebook. The sheet.
I’ll write with pen again
Cos I miss the focus
The tactile notion pen to paper create.
I’ll write with pen again
But will have to type it later
(but will have to type it in the end)

I once dreamt

I once dreamt of something else
Not realizing it was somebody
And even when it became clear
I could never have said it was you!
It was only when I laid eyes upon you
That I realized in you my dream
All the darkness
Defined themselves in you.


© TheHairyTeacher2016


A perch , a woollen brow
Set on the hills above me now.
The weather’s turned
The sun gone in
The darkness comes and with it rain.
A fresh beginning, a wash of sins,
Trickling away… Into nothing.


© TheHairyTeacher2016

Failing to sleep

(Note: to be read as a series of three word poems and/or as a complete one.)

Failing to sleep
Not falling asleep
Coffee still working
Baby still sleeping
Waiting for work
Waiting for love
Dancing in distress
Dancing in desperation
(Dancing for joy)
(dancing for dancing)
Walking with wonder
Walking alone again
Drinking alone again
Baby crying again
Hope is everywhere
Hope is nowhere
Up the stairs
Down the stairs
Holding my baby
Crying in shadows
Tears stop falling
Tears building up
Tears falling down (down)
Eyes looking up
Eyes on me
Eyes on you
Walking away again
Meeting up again
Failing to start
Four more years
Waiting on updates
Previously on Lost
No network connection
Network connection lost
No new taxes
Never say never
(Say it again)
Just do it
Don’t do it
I dare ya!
Up and down
Round and round
‘ No’ is news ?
Sugar free options
Sugar free choice
Sugar free sugar
When friendship dies
No new emotions
No more friends
Waiting for another
Drinking with strangers
Talking to shadows
(talking to trees)
Listening without listening
Speaking without words
Smiling from inside
Smiling for lies
Smiling for treats
Smiling for money
No smiles anymore
Another beauty passes
Another chance passes
(another one passed)
Another day tomorrow
Another night alone
An extra pillow
An empty cot
A discarded rattle
A father’s warning
A parent’s blessing
A last goodbye
A jealous heart
Love lives here
Love from afar
Love unspoken lost
Faint heart fails
Her face remains
Her memory remains
My selfish past
My selfish steps
My soul desire
My selfish desire
Selfish not soulful
Rude not right
Drink not endearing
Rash words rush
Rash words ruin
Mother and child
I need you
I want you
I love you
I like you
I hate you
( my happy valentine)
I love hate
I love love
My heart declines
My head accepts
My soul ponders
I reflect sometimes
Look then leap
Don’t look, leap!
Shopping mall mood
More mood swings
Moody means mean
No excuses matter
No more excuses
Leave me alone
Abandoned alone angry
Green tea moments
Coffee morning choice
Coffee morning chatter
Coffee morning clucking
Reading thinking writing
Reading writing thinking
Writing reading thinking (editing)
Thinking writing reading (writers ways)
Writers write writings
Readers read readings?
Reading out loud
Reading in bed
Toilet reading times
Written In Toilet
Written On Bus
Written Without Wonder
Written To Free
Write to free
Writing to freedom
Falling to mediocrity
Dreaming of stardom (fame)
Wishes Of Women
Summer dresses shrinking
Burgers to hand
Burgers in hand
Beer and burgers
Boring Old Bed
Be More Interested
Or more interesting
Book face surface
Facebook is superficial
(Judge not less
Judge much more
Poor judgement, good
Good judgement, bad)
What is normal?
What is average?
Who really cares?
Why leave now
Never say goodbye
Flowers wither too
Life brings death
Life ends sometime
Think of worse
Optimism reverses pessimism
Pessimism negates optimism
I fell thrice
(Thrice I fell )
One plus one
No means no
No means yes?
Teach our children
Educate ourselves first
Teachers teach curriculum
Teachers teach too
Teachers are humans
Women have rights
Race is distinction
Distinction is description
Distinction is ostracism (ostracisation)
Drawing only distinctions
Bias breeds ignorance
Ignorance breeds bias
People need air
People get thirsty
People have rights
(every person bleeds)
Other people bleed
Others bleed too
Others hurt too
Only Fools Flounder
Words are human
Meaning is everything
Meaning draws meaning
My mind meanders
A river flows
A heart beats
The wind blows
The sun shines
The snows fall
Night and day
Through it all.


© TheHairyTeacher2016

Back and forth

Back and forth on errand trail
The need for joy a subtle distance.
For hope itself disguised in rage
The world around now not a friend.
The silver lining wearing thin
Searching for the sun beyond.
Bit by bit a ray but then
A cloudburst too to spoil our mood.


© TheHairyTeacher2016

Nighttime has brought

Nighttime has brought the rain
And I move away from One and two
Into the arms of another.
The chill breeze early evening replaced
The sun long gone, huddling into the west
Leaving darkness to greet the rain that’s coming down.
Street lights in their endeavour find sheen resplendent luxury
A luxury that weary minds ignore.
I leave one and two and pass through judgement to my charge
The other lady in my life already sleeping.


© TheHairyTeacher2016

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