Most, But not the most
A habit building is the habit to check the menu before ordering anything. With a 10% service charge added, there's no need for a borravaló, And so there won't be. Sometimes I’d consider adding a little extra but not this time. The service is satisfactory but the attitude is less appealing. A slow pint, it seems, is not acceptable. A light lunch is also questioned though that could be forgiveable seeing as with a Menu of the Day on offer, most people would jump at the opportunity. Me too if only it wasn't all a little confusing, the menu itself that is. Set in a trendy newspaper style it fails to deliver. Too many pokey points. However, it's when I'm approached for the third time and asked if I'd like another beer, still a sizeable slug remaining, that I feel a bit put off. The place [more]
Halkakas Quick eat to café atmosphere The place offers promise from without, a café style interior on entering, and fish on the menu. Tucked snugly on a corner along Veres Pálné utca one could almost pass by but and just by chance I was steered there on tripping out the stationery shop door on the opposite side of the street. As I had been lurking the district for some grub and yet was sure a street food burger would just spiritually rape me, the promise of fish spelt miraculous. So picking a seat and forcing myself to be accepted as legit to the many eyes that looked up from their array of soups and other such dishes, I grabbed myself a menu and started to pave my glory. Good selection of different fish dishes First off the selection of fish dishes was impressive and while I work [more]
the opportunities to move beyond the dream strangled again [more]
The meal for two Once lasted for days Disappearing quite suddenly In a drunken haze [more]
Right now I can't remember- And I'm trying not to care. [more]
Last night Or this morning a’round dawn A thought Wandered in on its own Twas an idea Of who you [more]
The flower stall blooming, and business is booming [more]
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