Halkakas Quick eat to café atmosphere The place offers promise from without, a café style interior on entering, and fish on the menu. Tucked snugly on a corner along Veres Pálné utca one could almost pass by but and just by chance I was steered there on tripping out the stationery shop door on the opposite side of the street. As I had been lurking the district for some grub and yet was sure a street food burger would just spiritually rape me, the promise of fish spelt miraculous. So picking a seat and forcing myself to be accepted as legit to the many eyes that looked up from their array of soups and other such dishes, I grabbed myself a menu and started to pave my glory. Good selection of different fish dishes First off the selection of fish dishes was impressive and while I work [more]
Just recently I read an article about a little town in New Zealand which has become a Mecca for all Steampunk fans but it happened past my memory even after I'd flirted with sending the link to a Kiwi friend of mine (In circles he's known rather as the Doc, or Doc Ock, but don't ever call him Candy: Unless of course you're a 6'8" rugby player who looks like he eats nails for breakfast. Then you can say whatever you want). Well, when you don't believe in coincidences all you're left with is destiny and here I am in Krak'NTown on József körút in downtown Budapest, itself a saloon dedicated to the whole Steampunk style. From the waiters to the walls it's captured the general vibe and based upon some of the other guests it would seem like this place has the tourist draw based upon this v [more]
The meal for two Once lasted for days Disappearing quite suddenly In a drunken haze [more]
Right now I can't remember- And I'm trying not to care. [more]
Last night Or this morning a’round dawn A thought Wandered in on its own Twas an idea Of who you [more]
The flower stall blooming, and business is booming [more]
The beast appears to disappear... Appearing once again tomorrow [more]
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