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1. General English courses for all levels from Beginner to Proficiency

2. Specifically tailored courses catering to the needs of individuals (can be theme based rather than level based).*

3. Grammar review (including a twitter option where instant queries are addressed).

4. Business English (including a skype option for teleconference practice/phone practice)

5. Skype English which caters more to the needs of conversation based classes but which can be linked to grammar, vocabulary style courses through an online correspondence outside the skype time (includes emailing exercises, homework for correction, extra material  based on class topics etc.)

6. *Creative English courses. As with point No. 2 these courses are tailored to specific needs and not only cater to English in an exam, business, work related environment, but also include the idea of English as a hobby. Eg. English for songwriters, poetry analysis, creative writing, penpal e-mails, hiking, sports, socialising etc…The hobby aspect is also covered in Excursions.





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