My Services

My Services

My school in Budapest – Budapest English Teacher – offers the choice of not only private or group study, but in company, home or school premises classes.

All my courses are tailored to the needs of the individual or group with flexibility in this field being the key point.

As well as formal classes I am also offering weekend excursions where learning English will remain paramount but where the emphasis will be made through sightseeing, making new friends, group activities such as cooking, and other forms of socialising. There are also intensive study courses over 2 day to 4 day (long) weekends for people with more academic concerns.

Proof-reading is another service provided and the fee will be dictated in each case individually depending on the topic length but with a base fee set at 10000huf for theses.

While based in Budapest this doesn’t mean that I am limited to this geographical location and have in place since September of 2011 a programme to visit schools and companies outside of Budapest, within a 3 hour radius, by train. These programmes include not only day excursions but also weekend intensive, which can be tailor made to suit the learning needs of the student(s).

Skype lessons (first lesson free) are another feature which kicked off in the summer of 2011 and have proved very successful with overtime burdened students, students with family responsibilities, students who work from home, or find themselves travelling for work. In this way and in these cases I’ve been able to maintain contact and consistency with my students through regular classes irrespective of other constraints. Some students not caught for time use this service occasionally as a means to brush up their phone skills too.

Finally, for now, my whole concept of English is based on the idea of it as a language of communication, understanding, business, beauty. There is no suggestion too ridiculous when considering a course design. There is no reason, no more, to consider distance or time an issue. There is always a solution with The Budapest English Teacher.

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