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Whether this place turns out to be a joke remains to be seen but for the time being on a grey February morn*, just shy of my next class, it offers respite from all the timetabling and rushing. Whew!
It’s modern enough in feel but cosy enough to be homely. It’s not all sharp edges and minamilism.
Located just across from Erzsebet square with the pending Akvarium reopening promising an exciting and vibrant summer ahead, it could all come down to location location location.
A badly printed flyer brought me here: that and my inability to read. It said 50% off…but on second glance I realise it’s only for alcohol, and while that may be good tidings usually, there is another sting in the tail. All alcohol excluding beer and wine!!! As if there was any other types of alcohol!!! Whiskey, vodka, pálinka…they’re not alcohol. They’re death wishes in a bottle, unless you drink in moderation, but a place like this doesn’t promote a thing like that.
Now if they had 50% off their merely average coffee I’d be much happier. Grey mornings lean on grey moods perhaps. Bahhhh!


*A review late coming. Nevertheless on recently passing by the place remains the same, and empty. The newly opened Akvárium and surrounds have stolen any chance at thunder here methinks!!!





Ah shur, tis Grand (The Grand Hostel)

Out of town but not out of town this private hostel sits on 2 major transport lines, the 61 tram, and the 29 bus. A ten minute walk, if you’re taking it easy, either side of these and you’ve got the 129 bus or the 5 bus. Apart from the 29 which takes you North to Óbuda and towards the Roman settlements, all others take you East or South towards the river, the castle, and the city centre.
A night bus passes by every hour and is accessible from a myriad of points throughout the city.
Beds are provided in dorms or private at prices which imply hostel, not gap year-Daddy’s wallet.
If on a brief visit then the city is your calling but if allowed a night or two to recuperate the hostel also provides its own entertainment with locals dropping in, and Peti the Proprietor is always willing to bang out a tune. Be warned: Peti’s got a good and varied taste in music which he may employ to keep you from your Zzzs. Your choice!;)



The Italian Retail Story


Why does the author use present simple and continuous alternately in this first paragraph?

Why does he use the word  „continue” in its simple form?

Why is „growing” in the last sentence continuous?

Vocab1: remarkably  flagship stores   notably    nerstone      stock piling


Retailer demand:

Explain the choice of Present Perfect Simple in the first paragraph.

Vocab2: to let    lack   empirical   counterfeits



What is the grammar structure in the first sentence?

Vocab3: u-turn    tight     discrepancies

Rental movements:

„As observed in Spain” By whom? What?

Vocab4:   tourist flows    heterogeneity (My Site)     broad     uplift


Investment market:

Tactical Asset Allocation Strategy? Huh?

Vocab5: lease      oriented      dampen     pace     yields      conversely     regime     allocate


Outlook Summary:

Rewrite in your own words, and in no more than 50(!) what is being said here.

Vocab: virtuous     enhance      spurred     in the wake of       hike       dissipation       stagnation       stance       pivotal       curbing


PDF file available on request!!!

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