Moving Back Again

And once again I sit
Another last time to contemplate,
The kitchen’s almost bare
The living room hollow echoes
As the kids watch something to distraction.
A cool draught saunters in for a second
Hand in hand with the sounds of the city
And then back to the inside
The plughole gurgling at a deeper depth
Threatening the surface
The tap hasn’t dripped for some minutes
Somewhere an awful song sung in Hungarian
If the original is any better I cannot tell
I’m just not in the mood.
Plastic crackles, the reality where a fireplace would feature
But let’s return from twee
My geansaí grey but I’m not a Yeatsian fisherman.
I sit here a moment in a kitchen that will fade
Realising and those moments in blend almost already gone.

©The Hairy Teacher, March, 2018

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This is not that poem
You can pronoun the shit out of the situation but you can still be wrong, and you’ll be made to understand that you have been so wrong. You can apologise and yet be classed as ignorant, no room for manoeuvre. You can be anything but right. You’re white, therefore you’re wrong. You can protest but that’s violence: there’s a lawsuit on the way. You have hip friends, young and interesting, They depart with each word you say. You studied feminism yet you’re sexist Cos you dare challenge the new convention. Even though the old one needed toppling You expressed doubt that it needed upgrading. Rather, you screamed, it needed changing A new direction, post-instituition. But it got lost in all and sundry: the dreaded irony? You die the one th [more]
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