Advertising and gender roles

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In what way does this advertisement reverse the perceived male/female stereotypes?

Explore the themes of adoration and degradation in terms of this ad?

What is the difference between a sex symbol and a status symbol?

On the idea of brains or beauty which would you prefer to have? Or have in your partner?

Does confidence outweigh intelligence in business, in everything for that matter?


  1. What do they always do?
  2. Why does he feel used?
  3. Does he always want to do what they want?
  4. What would he like to do sometimes?
  5. „Women are pigs.” Discuss.

Put these expressions in sentences: to take advantage/to feel used/ to be seen as/cosy

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  1. Before watching the video make a list of the stereotypes/ characteristics most often associated with women and men.
  2. Watch/ listen to the video and try to list as many of the personality traits/ stereotypes as possible that you hear.
  3. Compare your first list and that of the video. Did they differ greatly, or not? Why? Why not?
  4. Below are a list of some of the words used in the video. Which would you usually associate with which sex?

Promiscuous   Determined   Feminine   Permissive   Dominant   Hot-headed   Sensitivity   Timid   Hegemony   Nurturer

Apathy   chaste   forsaker   intolerant   hesitant   subservience   easy-going   brave   masculine  minor






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