Arriving Again

In response to this indulgence I question all who view the path,
too riddled with obstacles before ever being approached.
A man’s entitled to imagination but if the path was clear before –
then still it is the same.
The passengers you bring are side by side with you
Not up ahead vying to be mowed down by you
and so in early morning eloquence
I share my thoughts that music brings.
Aside a street, a pavement tucked inside a cafe/bar:
the beer a tortured parody
non-alcoholic – as I’ve been trying to be.
The spring outside is heating up but forecasts tell of cold to come.
All obstacles are in the mind for if snow arrives then one last time,
I’ll build a snowman, pull a sledge,
and when it’s melted,
and blossoms instead shall fill with fragrant epitaphs
the death of Old Man snow at last,
then I’ll embrace like I do now –
The present moment,
The here and now.


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