As darkness fell

Residing beyond the realms that once bound me

I’ve come to relish in the realisation more clearly:


The twisted remains, a memory,

A vacant enterprise, just dust.

Neither glory nor romance to entail

From the remnants of all that is lost.


The hollow shell, the creeping unease;

With corners and the shadows yonder.

Beyond the senses as perceived –  They lie or –

There lies the spiralling notion – the wonder?


The crevice caused by day and night

In fading sense as brightness flickers.

Far away a burning line of earlier

Tends to flitter while the soundless beckons.


The vacuum, the sea sound echo,

In the emptiness a ringing enveloping.

Tightening jaw and loosening bowels compete.

Hair pricked, fear pecked, if this, the truth developing.


From an upstairs window, only desperation

A broken pane, cool air and promise –

The creak, the moan, the groan, the shuffle;

Downstairs and to escape but all this between us.


The final spurt, the tension, the ragged lurch.

The stumble; the bladder, unrelenting, pushes.

Into the yard – the broken bottles, bricks and mortar;

A mockery against the wall –  false bravado flushes!


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