The local ‘kitchen’

Hungarian Cuisine?


Not a fan of this translation, kitchen, for what I’ve always used myself, cuisine, it has become harder and harder to ignore. Now as it goes for teaching you’ll never hear me use the cursed phrase ‘I like Hungarian kitchen’, not alluding I assure you to anything negative about the food itself, just that kitchen has always been the place in a house, not the dishes of a region or country.

Eg: My mother’s in the kitchen trying to cook some Italian dish. Good luck!

Cuisine is the word I use when it comes to expressing that collective, the food of, as I mentioned, some country or other.

Eg: I’m particularly fond of French cuisine.

Now speaking of French I’m well aware of the etymology, and furthermore realise that in some quarters at least there is that shift away from the French influence on English. And here I don’t mean in the US where English is particularly different with Spanish being, perhaps, an influencing factor there. I’m referring to Britain where more and more people are using napkin over serviette, for example. On this latter I’m not the stalwart but I’m staying put on cuisine



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